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Currently playing Pokemon sapphire, while listening to Five Finger Death Punch and drinking some sleepy time tea xD

Seriously thinking about saving up for a 3DS or 3DS XL. Which one do you think is better? :o

btw anyone wanting to chat until I have to get to bed just send a message my way or like this post and I’ll drop a message in your inbox :3

I’m in the same boat as you, I had the 3ds but gave it away. But I fell in love with the 3DSXL. It just fits in my hands perfectly. IMO go big or go home. Get the 3DSXL :)

Congress you could of prevented this, but you continue to be paid, while other workers will be furloughed without pay. Your pay cannot be altered except by direct law. Now thats some shit…. You wanted to play hot potato with a spending bill for several hours but failed to come to an agreement to fully fund normal operations. What your doing is extortion” for Republicans to use a government-funding bill to stop a law that was passed by Congress and upheld by the Supreme Court. Have you lost your minds?!?! But thats ok thou, I’ll remember this when I’m at the voting booth

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